How will I know that the information I’m finding is valid?


Just as there are personal content management tools to help us categorize and organize information for later retrieval and use, there are tools we can use to evaluate the validity of information resources. Information validity checklists provide a quick and easy method of ensuring that we have taken all relevant factors into account when evaluating the validity of information we want to use.  The information validity checklist we will be using in CRIT 602 (which is also used in CRIT 501) goes by the acronym CRAAP:






We have selected the CRAAP checklist because it identifies essential validity criteria without being too complicated. These criteria can be applied to evaluating information resources in both academic and professional settings. For the purposes of the CRIT 602 research assignments, you will be applying the CRAAP validity checklist criteria to exploratory searches for information about professional organizations and conferences, the role of social media in your field of study and associated professions, and information resources to support study and professional practice in your chosen field. You will then use this information in the following major course assignments:

  • Presenting Information in Discussion Posts,
  • Annotated Bibliography,
  • Exploratory Paper,
  • Personal Learning Mission.


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