Professional or Scholarly Organizations

Assignment at a glance:

  • Choose a minimum of four organizations relevant to your field of study or inquiry question
  • Assess sources based on CRAAP validity checklist with goal to inform an audience with similar interests
  • Annotations should be roughly two paragraphs
  • Cite using APA, MLA, or Chicago-style depending on your major.

Content for Annotations:

Your goal is to assess and evaluate each organization and present information about the organization in a summary that is roughly two parts.

Part I: Provide a summary of purpose of the organization, who its members are, and the following information as applicable:

  • what resources it produces or conferences it sponsors for its members or for the public,
  • whether it sponsors any kind of education and training for its members,
  • whether it publishes a journal,
  • whether it sponsors research,
  • whether it engages in political activism to advance the profession,
  • whether it engages in advocacy on behalf of a particular population,
  • any other relevant information about the service the organization provides to its members and to the public.

Part II: Evaluate the organization’s credibility and assess of the organization’s relevance and usefulness for someone at your stage of academic and professional development using the C.R.A.A.P. test. Would you recommend it? For an organization that is well-known and has long-standing credibility, such as the American Psychological Association, your evaluation of its credibility will be fairly short, with the majority of the annotation focused on your assessment. For lesser-known organizations, you will need to spend more time explaining how you’re applying the criteria on our validity checklist.

Using Appropriate Sources:

NOTE: You MUST evaluate professional organizations for this section, no other types of resources should be selected. Failure to evaluate the correct type of sources will result in a grade no higher than a C. Any assignment submitted later than three days after the due date will receive a zero for the assignment.


Transferable Skills Development: Make sure that your summary for each resource is in your own words!



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