The following excerpt from Education News provides the framework for this week’s exploration into the context of information resources for your field of study and its associated professions:

What is Information Literacy?

Simply put, information literacy is our ability to locate and identify information that can be effectively used to solve an issue or problem at hand. This may seem easy enough, but with the sheer amount of dubious information available online, finding the information you need can be a challenge. Moreover, the concept of information literacy is still in the process of being defined.

Information literacy can be applied to almost every current profession. As businesses and employers look for ways to cut down on inefficiencies and expenses, many costly training programs are being replaced by self-directed learning. For example, a graphic designer who started with a company ten years ago may have expected a week-long training program to provide them with the right information and techniques. These days, however, a graphic designer may be required to have all the necessary skills upfront and pick up any they lack on their own time. In these cases, it’s important to treat information literacy as job security. Many employers will expect you to be adept at researching and organizing the information you need right off the bat; hard work with little to no questions. Familiarizing yourself with the steps to become information literate is key to that self-reliance on the job (“Understanding the Importance,” 2013).

Example: Information Resources for Professional Practice in Action

The following video featuring a literacy educator provides a good example of how information resources are used in professional practice:


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