Interdisciplinarity & Collaboration

Michael Blasco

Summer 2019

One thing that seemed very clear to me during all of the sessions and all of the readings over the course of the summer is that the faculty side of the institution, and most institutions, is not working together with the residential side of the institution. Every conversation and every reading was specific to how we as educators can support our students as holistic human beings but was only focused on one specific aspect of the student’s life. I work in Residential Life and have a bit of a different perspective and so it allows for me to understand that what a student learns in the classroom and what they learn outside of it both have their value.

What I want to make sure I focus on this coming semester is trying to blend the two worlds of Faculty and Residential in order to support the entire student. One of their first tasks outside of the classroom will be to attend a Community Experience in their residential community. Students will be able to experience the Habit Of Minds through different lenses both in the classroom and out of it. I want to make sure that I am able to bring both experiences and growth opportunities together for my students so that they can have a better understanding how a knowledge of the Habits Of Mind can affect them in all aspects of their life.


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