Project-Based Learning

Anil Waghe

Summer 2019

I found the interdisciplinarity project-based cluster pedagogical approach most interesting. My former industrial jobs taught me that tough problems can be easily solved with collaborative multidisciplinary approach. Experts from dissimilar areas have to work together in all occupations.

I have been actively involved with CPLC for past three months. CPLC facilitated to apply interdisciplinary idea in my teaching pedagogy by providing information and tools. Learning community created by CPLC brought experts from all fields together to exchange pre-tested successful ideas.

Instead of limiting new projects replying only on my own expertise, I reached other field experts to create interesting and challenging projects for my students. These projects can help students to relate their project to their field of study. If students are exposed to raw edge of learning but instead of being afraid of failure, they explored new uncharted fields from their discipline.

Students relate this project as their own so they try to figure out answer for WHAT is the issue? HOW are they going to deal with it? and WHY is it important for them and others to work on it? This process of engagement really adds value to their education.

I think the most useful aspect of Cluster Pedagogy for me to interact with my students is project-based learning. Once students get involved in an interesting project, they pick up all the theoretical concept rapidly. All of us have seen this with our kids and students. None of these kids are reading game manuals and training themselves to learn complex video games. However, they grasp complex processes and ideas just while playing a video game. Once we get out students involved in a project, they understand the value and application of concepts from all disciplines.

  • I am planning to update my syllabus and make is less cruel for students.
  • My lab final exam will be substituted by lab projects.
  • Student projects will be more interdisciplinary
  • New projects will be designed to address community issues.


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