Interdisciplinarity & Collaboration

Jacqui Young

Summer 2019

I enjoyed the creative syllabus session. Well, it was more of a brief talk with Cathie but worth it. I have not had the time to be creative with my syllabus yet. I am going to have my students re-create our syllabus within the first week of class to their specifications. Probably using crayons, or colored markers, pencils.

I love the NO GRADING aspect of TWP. I feel this will create a more open learning and teaching environment for the first-year students. It will be a challenge for sure.

The aspects of Cluster Pedagogy that seems useful to me are “The Habits of Mind,” “Interdisciplinary Studies,” and “The Learning Community.”

The three mentioned about are the ones that I felt spoke to me in some way. My goal for “The Learning Community” is to engage more face to face with colleagues throughout the fall semester. Either in the CoLab or our offices or out for coffee. I want to meet every other week if possible. I feel this is an essential aspect moving forward, so I do not lose what I gained over the summer months.

My field is an interdisciplinary one that includes dance, criminal justice, and sociology. My hope is the dance side will bring out some creativity in my teaching. The criminal justice side will help with my topic of Mass Incarceration. And my sociology background will allow me to work with different types of students and faculty.


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