Open and Accessibile Education

Kate Elvey

Summer 2019

diagram on the white board of the why and how of CPLC
The tenth draft

First, I struggled being creative. I realized as I was doing this how ridiculous that felt considering I ask my students to do it ALL the time, and here I am complaining and agonizing about it. Then I was inspired by Amanda’s drawing online and I let that take me where it would. Second, this was like my tenth draft (I swear) and this is the best I could do. WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL MY CREATIVITY!? I USED TO BE YOUNG AND GOOD WITH THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. Moving on…

I found inspiration in multiple places/ people.

I asked questions I had not.

But my BIGGEST question is “how do we create self-motivated learners”. This is the Habit of Mind I am (personally) most “stuck” on. Between CPLC, Gen Ed, Norming, HoM, etc. I have struggled to understand MOTIVATION. This led me on an outside (CPLC) journey, to try to understand  motivation deeper. I came across a few resources and I am hoping to continue my journey on understanding this process. I believe open pedagogy is the way to go for this motivation and creating life-long learners, but making sure it is suitable for everyone or fits their needs is something I will struggle with (and I am sure they will too).

Also, Matt Cheney saying “open doesn’t have to mean totally open, just look for openings” totally blew my mind. His discussion with our small group about what holds us back (whether it’s content, aligned syllabi, or accreditation) doesn’t mean you have to be totally out there, just look for where and when you can be. MIND BLOWN!

Thanks for some inspirational sessions and ALL of the hard work.


zine collage page of the chapter




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