Section 5: Organizational Culture

Why learn about the impact organizational culture has on individuals and the workplace?

Photograph of two people working in an open air meat market.Organizational culture is present in our daily lives. Whether or not you recognize it, organizational culture can be found in every family unit and in any group dynamic you are a part of. Understanding how culture is developed can give insight into each working part of an organization. There are both internal and external factors that contribute to an organization’s cultural identity. Recognizing these factors and learning how to adjust them to change culture is a valuable skill to have, not only in your personal relationships, but also in your professional ones.

The ability to identify a positive or negative company culture can assist you when applying for jobs and when deciding on a career path. While organizational culture can change, there are a number of internal and external factors that need to be considered and adjusted in order to successfully invoke change. Organizational culture may seem like a fancy business term but you will soon learn that it plays a role in your everyday life.

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