Section 2: Social Diversity in the Workplace

Photograph of four individuals (one black woman, an asian woman, a white man, and a black man) standing in a line. Each is holding a different colored speech bubble.Life without diversity would be a boring and unsuccessful one. Without diversity, societies would never progress or endure. Since diversity encompasses a wide variety of attributes, it is important to remember that everyone is diverse in some way.  Whether it is their outward appearance or their internal perspective, everyone has something unique about themselves to bring to the table. The idea of collaboration and idea sharing is critical to technical and social advancement within organizations and society alike.  Having a larger pool of ideas and experiences to pull from is extremely beneficial.

Since the benefits of a diverse working environment are so clear, why do some organizations struggle to attain diversity? It all starts with an inclusive workplace. Ensuring policies and procedures are in place to combat discrimination and support diversity is key to a successful company.  In addition, learning from the mistakes of others (like the court cases we discussed in this module) can help companies proactively avoid discriminatory practices and lawsuits.  Understanding diversity and its importance will give you the ability to enter the workforce with eyes wide open and aware of responsible and inclusive business practices.

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