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The chapter contains resources you may find helpful while working on your project and project report. You may recommend a resource to be added here to share with your peers, and resources I may find useful.

Health Care Management Research Guide

In this guide, you will find research resources for Health Care Management available from the UNH libraries. These include library databases, point-of-care tools, and selected web resources. Link 

Structuring your Research/Project Question

Need help structuring the question or statement for your project? This handout provides some helpful tips. Structuring Your Research Project Question 

Popular Literature vs Scholarly Literature

How do you know if the source is from a scholarly peer-reviewed journal, a popular magazine, or a professional publication? This comparative chart can help. Popular Literature vs Scholarly Literature 


Removing Passive Voice

This webpage gives you easy suggestions for  Removing Passive voice from your writing.

How to write better in less time

How to Write Better Papers in Less Time

Literature Review vs Annotated Bibliography

Literature vs Annotated Bibliography.  A literature review and annotated bibliography are not the same. This pdf handout helps you to distinguish between them.

Body Paragraphs

Body Paragraph helps explain the four elements of a good paragraph.



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