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As part of the capstone project, students are required to review the relevant evidence to support the work of the project. This evidence may come from multiple sources: scientific research findings; organization data, facts, and figures; stakeholder values and concerns; as well as professional experience and judgment.

This chapter provides resources to help you identify, access, and incorporate quality evidence in the decision-making process.

Evidence-Based-Practice-The-Basic-Principles. : This resource from the Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa) explains evidence-based practice and how it can help you organize your evidence review.

Evidence Review Matrix

While not required for this course, using a review matrix will help you organize your evidence review. Here is a sample review matrix template. Add a row for each new source and adjust columns as needed. Or, feel free to adapt it to your needs. You should aim to identify evidence from the four sources of evidence: Scientific, Professional, Organizational, and Stakeholder. Use the template to list and summarize the relevant evidence you have found from all four sources of evidence. Evidence Review Matrix


The Matrix Method of Literature Reviews: This article gives you a deeper dive into describing and developing this method.

How to Read a Scientific Paper: The painless way!


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