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Capstone Presentation Guidelines and Forms

The capstone guides and forms are also located within the course modules and theĀ  MS Capstone Presentation resource in Canvas.

Capstone Project Collection: Are you interested in reviewing past capstone presentations and project reports? The UNH-CPS Library publishes summaries of past Capstone Presentations.

Capstone Presentation Guidelines This presentation guide helps you prepare for the Capstone Presentation Event. It includes tips on designing your presentation slide deck, as well as preparing for your presentation.

Capstone Presentation Powerpoint Template Be sure to use this template in creating your PowerPoint slide deck, as any slide deck not in the format template provided will have to be rejected. This will be submitted within Moodle.

Speaker Coach allows you to rehearse your presentation to sharpen your presentation skills. View the tutorial to see how you can use this great rehearsal.

Scholars Repository Submission Directions. Submit your completed Capstone Project Report with Abstract and your Capstone Presentation Slide Deck to the Scholars Repository in the Library.

Submitting Your Capstone to the Scholar’s Repository Help Guide: This is a more in-depth guide linked to the library.


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