Kelly Duggan, M.S.

Kelly relocated to New Hampshire from the Boston area in 2004, she has 25+ years of management experience and has owned a successful small business for many years. She earned her master’s degree in management from Lesley College in Cambridge, MA and her bachelor’s degree in industrial technology/manufacturing engineering from the University of Lowell. Kelly has been teaching college-level capstone, management, leadership, marketing, business communications, strategic analysis, and general business courses since 2008.

Being extremely enthusiastic about business management, growth and development Kelly finds that her true passion lies in exploring these concepts with a diverse audience of learners. Her goal is to create a teaching and learning environment where ideas are shared and theories are applied to business situations. Kelly embraces the opportunity to collaboratively support students as they further develop their appreciation for effective business, management, and leadership skills.

When she’s not teaching or managing her business, Kelly enjoys motorcycle and ATV rides through New Hampshire’s beautiful Lakes Region and spending time with her family, friends and boxer, Duke.

Cover image attribution: “Person standing on top of snow covered mountain” by Aishath Naj on CC0 Public Domain.


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