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Ch. 4 “The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason and critical analysis” -Dalai Lama, Spiritual Leader

When finalizing your analysis, you’ll be refining your project description and objectives, and identifying and using current research and resources in management to support the design and development of your course project. At this point in your work, you’ll want to be sure you’ve included all of the following:

  1. An introduction/overview containing a clear articulation of your project focus. Identify the relevance that this work has to your academic and professional development, as well as the intended audience for this project work.
  2. Your project objectives/outcomes. Now that you have refined the focus of your project work and conducted your research, what are your goals/objectives/expected outcomes for this project work?
  3. A thorough literature review and analysis of findings to illustrate background, managerial theory, and best practices as they related to your topic.
  4. Identification of any learner skills required to complete the project. Will you need to develop any new skills in order to complete this project? For example, if your project focuses on creating a database to increase the efficient storage and search functionality of client contact information for your organization, would you need to learn how to use the proposed database software?

Again, this is a good time to refer forward to the sections of your completed project in its entirety. As you can see, the various sections of your finalized project analysis will be part of your completed project (see sections I, II and III).

Capstone Project Format

Section I          Introduction

The introduction should identify the focus of your project and explain the relevance to your major and connections with your applied field of studies that you have built upon in your B.S. Applied Studies Option in Management.  Are you submitting to a supervisor, a board?  Be sure to identify your intended audience.

Section II         Project Outcomes

List your project outcomes that you developed in the Project Analysis phase of your work.

Section III        Literature Review 

Present your literature review noting best practices in the field as they relate to your project as well as the conclusions you’ve drawn from the literature review.

 Section IV        Project Content

Describe your project and include all materials associated with it so that the reader develops a good sense of what the project entails.    Show your implementation and evaluation plans.

 Section V        Conclusions and Reflection

Appendix       This section will contain any supplementary information.


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