Identification/Diagnosis (Who are the qualified examiners?)

As a special educator, you will be a member of a team of professionals, and family members who assess and determine if the student has a disability that impacts their access to education and is eligible for special education services.

The special education case manager is responsible for setting up meetings for this team and following a timeline for assessment and reevaluation meetings. The special education teacher has a role in the assessment process which includes contacting assessors, setting up meeting dates, assessing the student, and writing assessment reports.

In this section you will identify the qualified examiners and assessments required for each disability category.

This information can be found at:

Parent Information Center on Special Education. (2018). Guide to NH Rules for the Education of Students with Disabilities, Table 1100.1 Required  Assessments and Qualified Examiners by Type of Disability,    gs. 79-84

In text citation is: (Parent Information Center on Special Education, 2017).

*If you live in a different state, please locate this information from your state Department of Education.

The table below lists the types of assessments that are required, and the qualified examiners that can conduct those assessments needed to identify a student with a Specific Learning Disability.

FYI-** S.A.I.F. stands for Specialist in the Assessment of Intellectual Functioning

Specialists in the Assessment of Intellectual Functioning work within the special education system as members of Evaluation/Placement Teams. They are examiners for the identification of intellectual challenge and for the testing component of identification of specific learning disabilities. Assessment Specialists are qualified to perform cognitive and academic assessments as part of the identification of other educational disabilities. They may also perform a variety of services in schools outside the special education system, including cognitive and academic assessments, contributions to child study teams, and consultation.

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