Albert D. Ritzhaupt (Editor and Developer)

Dr. Albert D. Ritzhaupt is an associate professor of educational technology in the School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida. An award-winning researcher, Dr. Ritzhaupt has published more than 80 journal articles, book chapters, and conference proceedings; and has presented more than 100 presentations at state, national, and international conferences. His primary research areas focus on the design and development of technology-enhanced learning environments, teaching practices in technology-oriented curriculum (e.g., Computer Science or Information Systems), and technology integration in education.  Dr. Ritzhaupt has been funded by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and National Science Foundation (NSF) to support his research endeavors. His publications have appeared in multiple leading venues, including Educational Technology Research and Development, Computers & Education, and Computers in Human Behavior.

Nor Hafizah Adnan (Contributor)

Nor Hafizah Adnan is a doctoral student in curriculum and instruction, concentrating on educational technology at the University of Florida. She received her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in computer science from the University of Malaya, Malaysia. She was a certified network engineer at a private telecommunication company before joining higher education. She has been attached to the National University of Malaysia since 2011. Adnan is being funded by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia to pursue her doctoral studies. Her research interests are technology enhanced instruction, technology integration in education, games and simulations.

Owen Beatty (Contributor)

Owen Beatty is the Director of Online Education in the College of Health and Human Performance at the University of Florida.  He provides support and guidance for faculty and students involved with the college’s online educational endeavors.  This includes: academic advising, technological support and instructional design support.  Owen has a diverse background that spans business marketing, K-12 teaching, and higher education experience.  This has given him a broad knowledge base to fill many roles within the College of Health and Human Performance.  He is currently continuing his education with the University of Florida’s College of Education with an emphasis in Educational Technology.

Cheryl Calhoun (Contributor)

Cheryl Calhoun is a professor in the Information Technology Education program at Santa Fe College. Her principle area of research is in increasing the gender diversity in Information Technology educational programs and ultimately in the information technology field in general.  She is the P.I. on a National Science Foundation Advanced Technical Education grant and has received funding through the Department of Education (DOE), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as private foundations. She serves on the Community College advisory council for the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT), the Faculty Track Committee for the Grace Hopper Celebration, and has served as a mentor for the Emerging Women in Technology Startups (eWITS) program at UF’s Innovation Hub.

Robert Davis (Contributor)

Robert Davis is a doctoral student in Educational Technology in the School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida. Before coming to the University of Florida, Robert spent eleven and a half years overseas holding various positions in education. Six months of this time was spent in China as an educational consultant and trainer for and educational company. The other eleven years were spent in Korea working with multiple age groups, instructing inservice teachers in a TESOL certification program, instructing preservice teachers at Kwandong University, and working with the local government training volunteers for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Brittany E. Eichler (Contributor)

Brittany E. Eichler is a graduate student in the Mathematics department at the University of Florida. She is a teaching assistant at the University of Florida for courses such as Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry, and Calculus I. She has a Bachelor’s of Science from Florida State University in Mathematics and Mathematics Education. Miss Eichler was an 8th-grade mathematics teacher at Westview K-8 in Jacksonville, FL where she taught Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, Intensive Algebra, Intensive Geometry, and Geometry Honors.

Brenda R. Lee (Contributor)

Brenda R. Lee is a Ph.D. Student of Educational Technology and Course Instructor in the School of Teaching and Learning at the University of Florida. Her research interests include online collaboration in virtual learning environments (especially for K-12 English language learners) and societal issues related to the use of technology. Additionally, Lee is an instructional designer for Shadow Health, an educational software developer that has developed the Digital Clinical Experience in which students communicate and interact with digital standardized patients.

James Nichols (Contributor)

James Nichols received his BS in Computer Science from UNC-Pembroke in 2002 and then earned a master of computer engineering from the University of Florida in 2008. While in graduate school, he was a teaching assistant for graduate courses in Software Engineering, Software Specification, Software Testing & Verification and Human-Computer Interaction.  He has also taught online courses for Walden University including, but not limited to, networking, security and systems analysis and design. He began as an instructor at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL in the Spring semester of 2010 and currently teaches the CCNA-Routing and Switching and A+ certification classes.  In 2009 he went to India as a lab instructor for a course in Software Engineering. He is A+ certified and earned his CCNA-Routing and Switching certification and is currently working to achieve a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Educational Technology at UF.

Shilpa Sahay (Contributor)

Shilpa Sahay is a second-year doctoral student in Educational Technology and an undergraduate instructor at the University of Florida. She is currently researching impact of iPads in learning elementary education math and English amongst 1st grader girls in an afterschool program. She is also developing a collaborative platform for mentor-mentee interaction and teaching and learning outcomes. She did her Masters in International Education at New York University. Prior to that, she did a Masters in Social Work and Bachelors in Political Science at Delhi University, India. She has over 4 years working experience with grass root NGOs, UN bodies, research group at universities, and multinational organizations. She has done a 4 month internship at UN Headquarters and aspires to work on educational projects that can solve real-world problem of illiteracy and lack of education. She wants to explore potentialities of distance digital learning narrowing the traditional North-South global divide.

Christine D. Salama (Contributor)

Christine D. Salama is pursuing a Master of Arts degree in the educational technology program in the School of Teaching and Learning through the College of Education at the University of Florida.  Christine earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida in 2011 with a focus on educational psychology.  Christine developed a love for education at an early age while growing up in the Middle East and attending international schools.  She focused on effective instruction and educational systems throughout her career as a student; her concentration on coursework in educational tools and instructional design will help her stay at the forefront of the field as curricula evolve to adapt to new technology developments. Christine also has a background in counseling, psychoeducational assessment, data-based decision making, and implementing blended learning environments at both a high school and collegiate level.

Sharon Walsh (Contributor)

Sharon Walsh is an educational technology Ph.D. student at the University of Florida as well as a reading coach for Clay County Schools. Ms. Walsh has nearly 16 years K-12 experience which includes private, parochial, and public education and utilizes her master’s degree in instructional systems from Florida State University to enhance instruction in her current coaching position.

William Wildberger (Contributor)

William (a.k.a. Billy) Wildberger is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Educational Technology at the University of Florida. He has over a decade of instructional design experience in multiple contexts including higher education, non-profit, and corporations.

Matthew Wilson (Contributor)

Matthew Wilson is a doctoral student and teaching assistant in the School of Teaching & Learning at the University of Florida. Matthew is pursuing a degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Educational Technology.  Matthew earned his Master of Arts in Teaching for Early Childhood and Elementary Education from Willamette University’s School of Education and his BA from the University of Oregon.  Matthew has over a decade of international teaching experience ranging from pre-kindergarten to adult students and has presented both locally and internationally on the topic of practical technology integration for elementary educators. Matthew currently works alongside pre-service elementary teachers in the theory and practice of technology integration within the elementary classroom.  His research interests include learning analytics and games and simulations in education.

Muhammed Yaylaci (Contributor)

Muhammed Emre YAYLACI is an international student from Turkey. He was born in Meram, KONYA, in 1989. He attended elementary school at the same district and graduated from Basak College (high school) in 2006. Following, he started undergraduate education under Educational Technologies department at Selcuk University, Konya. He graduated from that department in June 2011 as a “Computer Teacher.” After graduation, he took the teacher examination test (Called KPSS) and started working as a teacher at a small town elementary school in Eastern Turkey. He taught everything except computer courses because school’s priority was on the mathematics and science. Four months later, he took another nationwide exam like GRE and placed himself among the top ten. Ministry of national education awarded him with a scholarship for Master’s and doctorate degrees as a prize. Currently, he is pursuing his Master’s degree at the University of Florida.