The original content of this e-book was curated through OER Commons under the title ADDIE Explained – An Open Educational Resource for the Educational Technology Community.

The original e-book was created as part of the Fall 2014 Advanced Instructional Design Course at the University of Florida. Students in the class participated in writing each of the chapters in teams of two to three, along with the instructional activities found at the end of each chapter. Attention was placed on crafting learning objectives, aligning content to those objectives, and designing assessment activities to measure those learning objectives.

The student biographies can be found on the Author Credits page. Additionally, each chapter underwent two rounds of a peer-review process intended to improve the clarity and alignment of the writing. After all the materials were developed by the students, the instructor created a site to host the e-book using a WordPress instance. All contributors were students in the Educational Technology program at the University of Florida.

The original e-book contributors include:

Albert D. Ritzhaupt (Editor and Developer)
Nor Hafizah Adnan (Contributor)
Owen Beatty (Contributor)
Cheryl Calhoun (Contributor)
Robert Davis (Contributor)
Brittany E. Eichler (Contributor)
Brenda R. Lee (Contributor)
James Nichols (Contributor)
Shilpa Sahay (Contributor)
Christine D. Salama (Contributor)
Sharon Walsh (Contributor)
William Wildberger (Contributor)
Matthew Wilson (Contributor)
Muhammed Yaylaci (Contributor)

Editing for this edition

The original content for this version of ADDIE Explained was edited by Steve Covello, Instructional Designer at UNH-CPS, to be used as an OER e-book for undergraduate Communications majors interested in an introduction to instructional design.

As such, a great deal of the original content of this e-book was changed to reflect a Communications perspective of the ID process. A significant reduction was made in the higher level theoretical and praxis content that would not be relevant for the entry level needs of the COM 707 Communication for Training and Performance Improvement course. Additional content was added to this e-book to reflect the structure of the summative assignment for the course.

Cover photo “Man and woman sitting side by side” by You X Ventures on Unsplash Public Domain CC0.


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