Go to the homepage of this e-book and look under the e-book image for the Downloads options.

If you prefer to download any of the e-book files for use on your devices or computer, we recommend using one of the following applications below so that you can use the note taking features as you read.

Mac: iBooks – If you are using a Mac running one of the most recent operating systems (Mac OS X Mavericks or later), you already have the iBooks application in your Applications folder.  More about iBooks can be found on Apple’s website. Use the EPUB file
Windows: Use the Amazon Kindle for PC software if you prefer to use an e-book reader. Use the EPUB file
Amazon Kindle: Kindle devices use their built-in software to read e-book files. No extra software is needed. Use the EPUB file
iPhone and iPad devices: If you do not already have this app, go to the App Store on your device and download it for free. More about the iBooks app for iPad and iPhone can be found here. Use the EPUB file
Computers and print: Your computer is already capable of opening a PDF file, so you will not need any extra software to open a PDF. Use the regular PDF for your computer. If you want to print out the textbook onto hardcopy paper, use the PDF-Print version.

How to use an e-book for this course

Using an e-book for learning is similar to studying from a traditional paper textbook but with some extra capabilities.

Using an e-book reader, you can select any text in the e-book and add annotation to capture your immediate impressions of the readings and media.

You can do a search within the e-book to find things quickly.

You can keep the e-book for future reference in your scholarly or professional work.


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