Unit 5: Critical Thinking & Cultural Competency

Learning Objectives

After you have completed this unit you should be able to:

  • Define diversity and identify factors that define a diverse group
  • Differentiate between surface diversity and deep diversity, and explain what relationships exist between the two
  • Explore the positive effects of diversity in an educational setting
  • Define accessibility, and identify implications of accessibility on campus and in communities
  • Demonstrate an understanding of diverse interpretations of globalization
  • Identify the opportunities and benefits of globalization and the ways these can affect the mission and work of the university
  • Articulate what it means to be a globally competent learner
  • Define cultural competence
  • Articulate the role of universities in shaping globally competent learners
  • Elaborate on the uneven, unintended, and complex relationship of globalization on education and education systems


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