Various Media As Seen By Students

8 Overview Assignment

For each media type, we will explore:

  1. Its functions in society
  2. Key moments in its history
  3. The current landscape for the industry (how the industry is organized, who the big players are, how much the industry is worth, and so on)
  4. Its current business model (how it makes money)
  5. The challenges it faces in today’s larger media landscape
  6. The outlook for the industry going forward
  7. Any other issues related to the medium that you think is important

Possible media types

  1. Games and other interactive media (I have written a first draft of this chapter using ChatGPT and we will rewrite it together in class.)
  2. Newspapers
  3. Magazines
  4. Books
  5. Radio
  6. Music
  7. Television
  8. Film
  9. Photography
  10. Social media


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