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View ePortfolio Activities

  1. Log in to your Canvas course and click any ePortfolio activity to be redirected to Anthology. If there is a “Chalk and Wire – Dashboard” link in the course, this can be used as well.

Canvas module content for Chalk and Wire link

  1. Click the Menu button

Granite State College Chalk and Wire webpage with mouse over the open/close menu button

  1. Click the Curriculum menu item

Chalk and Wire dashboard with main menu open and mouse over Curriculum

  1. Click the Tables of Contents menu item

Chalk and Wire Curriculum menu with mouse over Tables of Contents menu item

  1. Select View in the Actions menu of a Table of Contents for the program you want to view.

Chalk and Wire Tables of Contents menu

  1. Click on an activity page. When you click on an activity page, you can view the prompts and required elements on the right half of the screen.

Chalk and Wire page with mouse over an activity link

Assess an ePortfolio Activity

  1. When students submit assignments for assessment, you will receive an email notification. Click the link in the email.

Email of a student assignment submission with link

  1. Log into your Anthology account.

Granite State College login menu

  1. When the assignment loads, minimize the rubric to see the student submission

Chalk & Wire assignment with collapse rubric button highlighted

  1. Review the work, rate it, write feedback comments, and saveChalk & Wire student submission
  2. Grading Rubric. If an assignment also has a grading rubric as shown below (i.e. Grading Writing Rubric ), those should be assessed as well. It will appear alongside the original competency rubric. If there is no grading rubric displayed, use the one from the Canvas course.


  1. After saving, enter the grade in the numeric grade panel on the top left.Chalk % Wire student submission numeric grade panel
  2. Select the correct LMS assignment in the menu.
  3. Click the blue Save button. The grade will be sent back to Canvas automatically.

Use Turnitin

Student submissions in Anthology have a Turnitin feature to check for originality.

  1. When you receive the notification that a student has submitted work to be assessed, review their assignment as you normally would. A “Check Originality” button will display next to the file they uploaded in the assignment. Click “Check Originality.”Instructor view of a student assignment
  2. The report will open in a new browser tab. Review the Turnitin report. When you are done, close the browser tab.

Turnitin report

Questions? Please contact the Program Director. The Program Director may contact an Instructional Designer if additional assistance is needed.


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