Jeanne Hoover and Dave Dillon

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Academic Major The academic discipline you commit to as an undergraduate student.
Career An occupation (or series of jobs) that you undertake for a significant period of time in your life
Career Counselor A counselor who focuses on helping others identify career paths that suits their experience, education, and interest.
Career Development “The lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future.”
College and Career Readiness A point when a student has gained the necessary knowledge, skills, and professional behaviors to achieve a college degree or certificate, career training, or obtain a professional job.
College Catalog An online or print catalog that contains information on degree programs and school rules at the college
Cover Letter A letter or written communication that serves to introduce an accompanying document; especially, a letter that introduces a résumé or curriculum vitae.
Functional Résumé A resume that lists overall skills and abilities before work history.
Group Interview An interview where a hiring manager interviews a group of applicants at the same time.
Hard Skills Concrete or objective abilities that you learn and are easily quantifiable, like using a computer or speaking a foreign language.
Hybrid Résumé A resume that combines features from a reverse chronological résumé and a functional resume.
Job Refers to the work a person performs for a living.
Job Headhunters A professional who is hired by companies to identify candidates for a job opening. This is often used for higher level jobs like executive positions.
Lifelong Learner “An ongoing pursuit of knowledge for personal or professional reasons.’
Lunch Interview An interview conducted over lunch.
Networking The process of meeting new people in a business or social context.
One-on-One Interview An individual interview between an applicant and a hiring manager.
Panel Interview An interview between an applicant and a group of employees that will make the hiring decision.
PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) A strategy to carry out change that involves for steps: plan, do, check, and act.
Phone Interview An interview that takes place over the phone.
Résumé A summary of an individual’s educational and employment history. It may also include professional certifications or skills. It may be in chronological order.
Reverse Chronological Résumé A resume that focuses on employment history and lists the most recent or current position first.
Scientific Acumen Wisdom or quickness related to science.
Soft Skills A personal skill that is usually interpersonal, non-specialized, and difficult to quantify, such as leadership or responsibility.
Teamwork Skills The ability to work collaboratively, effectively, and efficiently with a team.
Web Conference Interview An interview that takes place online using web conferencing software.
Work An occupation or position. It may also by effort expended on a particular task.


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