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Santa Ana College OER Student Panel OpenEd 2017

Chapter 2:

Student Voices: What Does it Mean to be College and Career Ready?

Why College?


Chapter 3:

Difference between Job, Work, and Career

Job vs. Career – Think about a long time career

Matching your skills to a career

Childhood Interests Can Help You Find the Right Career


Chapter 5:

How to Pick a Major

How to Select Your College Major – WiseChoice

Choosing a College Major & Finding the Right Career Fit


Chapter 6:

10 top skills that will get you a job when you graduate

How to find a new job – Transferable Job Skills

Tips to improve your career from Monash Graduates


Chapter 7:

The Secret to Getting a Job After College


Chapter 9:

Networking Tips for College Students and Young People, Hank Blank

International Student Series: Finding Work Using Your Networks

Hustle 101: Networking for College Students and Recent Grads, Emily Miethner


Chapter 11:

Why Do I Need a Resume?

Resume Tutorial

Résumé Tips for College Students From Employers

5 Steps to an Incredible Cover Letter


Chapter 12:

Job Interview Guide – 10 Different Types of Interviews in Today’s Modern World

Why Should We Hire You?


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